How to Make Simple Clothing Alterations

This is a little off topic, but I've over heard several women's conversations lately on altering clothes that I thought it would be a relevant topic to write about.  It's always a bummer when newly purchased clothes ends up not being what you expected after bringing it home from the store.  The fabric doesn't lay right or something suddenly bulges that you missed in the dressing room.  Alterations can add up, and here is a list of some average costs.  Many alterations are simple and can be done at home.  

Cotton&Curls blog is a wealth of information on alterations and many other DIY clothing tutorials.  For example, here is a tutorial on how to turn a skirt into a pencil skirt or how to take in that baggy skirt that's sticks out at the hips:
Here are instructions on lengtheningshortening (with original hem), and turning pants into skinnies.  How about taking in that stretched out waste band?
Here is a way to take in a shirt that is too large and some creative ways to alter your shirt using pleats or shortening a shirt without hemming or cutting. 

All the images above came from Cotton&Curls' website.


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